Tricotton Textiles Minas Triantafillidis

Since 1969, pioneers in the production and trade of textiles.

I n the postwar Greece about the year 1945, the fabric industry faced big growth. Many companies were established, among them animal silk industry "NATHANAIL SA" which had specialization in animal silk which is considered the most specialized art with delicate textures for production vital silk, ties, priestly clothes, rolling dresses and many more. Minas Triantafyllidis founder of textile, young back then specialized as engineer textile in vital silk for many years, beyond that he was active in the winder area of Nea Ionia Attica, called then the Manchester of Greece in the sector of textile, because of many fabric industries that existed in that area, end up working as technical director in MAVIS SA fabrics industry.

The 1968 after many years of work and multiple knowledge in the field of fabrics establishes the company Triantafyllidis and Sons SA who transferred the knowledge in partners. After the lapse of years, my parents developed the company by supplying it with new machines and by having the appropriate knowledge they inspired various bedding companies such as COCO-MAT AE, EPAVLIS SA, OMEGA-HOME PIERRE CARDIN, OMEGA-BEBE GUY LAROCHE and many others. In 2005 as new business man, I entered the textile industry carrying the long time knowledge from my parents altering the company’s name in TRICOTTON TEXTILE MINAS TRIANTAFYLLIDIS, focused in the field of restaurant and hotel facility carrying family awareness, working towards in upgrading existing business targeting in reliability, confidence, and servicing with the needs of our customers.